Fall Out Boy & The Fuel Girls
August 31, 2016 by Hannah in Fuel Girls 0 Comments

Sooooo…. the last few weeks we had to keep a little secret! The Fuel Girls where asked to put together a set of full-scale fire, pyro and aerial performances for US band Fall Out Boy, to take on tour to Leeds Festival, Glasgow Summer Sessions and to end at Reading Festival – huge audiences and an awesome band! We worked hard to pull together all of our skills and with Naomi at the choreography helm, we worked firstly in London, then moved up to the incredibly large ‘Fly by Night’ studios in Redditch http://www.fbnstudios.co.uk where we started to put the pieces together to create an epic show! We knew the Fuel Girls where a match to Fall Out Boy from the first day. The beats, lyrics and energy of their songs suited our shows like a glove – from the stomping beats of ‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark’ to the high energy, punchy drama of Pheonix, the songs lent themselves perfectly to our choreographic moments! We travelled between shows on a double decker sleeper bus and arrived at each show fresh and ready for action! This meant marking the stage, dealing with stage managers, riggers, crew and […]

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Welcome to the Fuel Girls new website
August 25, 2016 by Hannah in Fuel Girls 0 Comments

Welcome to the Fuel Girls new website! It has been a long time coming as we have been busy on tour, but finally we have gathered ourselves together to give you all the blurb you need on the hottest fire, pyro and aerial performance group in the world! We have been busy all year with shows and hopefully you have been following us on Social Media to see exactly what we have been up to! Canada, Switzerland, Norway, France, Belgium, Seychelles and next week we are off to Sardinia! Its a hard life but someone has to do it. Our big news is that tonight we are off to join a very big band (shhhhh…..) on tour and will be performing at Leeds, Glasgow and Reading Festival THIS WEEKEND. You may even see us on telly 😉 We have been rehearsing hard for this and our show is pretty epic – fire, sparkles, aerial chains, aerial straps, aerial hoops and loads of pyro! Its been hard work but we cant WAIT to get on stage tomorrow night and set Leeds Festival on fire! We are travelling by double decker tour bus and will be reporting back via social media so […]

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