The Fuel Girls group contains world-class aerial performers, who are at the top of their game in terms of skill, strength, discipline, flexibility and style!

Skills include aerial silks, hoop, rope, net, pole and Fuel Girl Katrina’s stunning aerial chains show.  

Mixing aerial with fire, Fuel Girl Yusura performs on an impressive 3-meter fire hoop, which get hoisted high into the air at arena events. Bigger still, the Fuel Girls bring you the largest fire / aerial show in the world, Yusura’s huge 4 x 4 meter fire cube which is the center piece at huge arena shows like Masters of Dirt FMX tour. 

The Fuel Girls stage shows often use different themes and their aerial shows are no exception! 

  • Aerial shows can be scaled up or down to suit your event 
  • The Fuel Girls have whole aerial & floor based shows, for when the venue does not allow fire 
  • All of the girls are fully insured for each of their aerial skills 
  • We can supply stage managers and riggers, experienced in all types of aerial rigging and management 
  • The Fuel Girls aerial skills are unique and imaginative with loads of character! 
  • The Fuel Girls have advised, choreographed and performed for a long list of private and corporate clients and for live TV


Frequently asked Questions

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