The Fuel Girls Tattoo Trail 2017

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The Fuel Girls Tattoo Trail 2017

Hi Everyone!

Just arrived home from Brussels Tattoo Convention, a show we have performed at for a few years now, and what a show it was! We are really excited about our new characters โ€“ Superheroes and Villians โ€“ and got the chance to show these off again, after our debut performance at London Tattoo Convention in September.

Tattoo Shows are one of our favourite performance spaces. We get the chance to entertain incredible inked up audiences all over the world! These crowds really appreciate the creative effort and skill put into our shows and we try to raise the bar every year, coming back with new ideas and fresh skills that we have worked really hard on!! This year was the debut of Sasha’s new aerial pole performance and we added our fantastic counter-weight rigger Maurycy, which added an exciting and dangerous element to our show, which people seemed to really enjoy! Fuel Girls are feeling the love people!

Our list of show dates for 2017 is growing fast and we hope to add as many Tattoo Show dates to that list as we can, maybe adding a few new locations and countries! The furthest we travel is to Calgary and Edmonton Tattoo & Arts festivals in Canada, but we would love to add Japan and Australia to that list! Here’s hoping ๐Ÿ˜‰

The scene has just grown and grown in strength over the years and we have seen the changing audience, as Tattoo’s become more mainstream and accepted. Lucky for us, this seems to keep on growing, so lots of new shows and countries for the Fuel Girls to visit we are sure!!

Lucky us, to travel across the globe and entertain some of the coolest people out there! So if you get the chance to visit a Tattoo Show in 2017, come to see the art, come to get some ink and come to watch our show. Its the best ticket you will buy all year!!

Here are a few of our most loved shows!

See you on the stage!

The Fuel Girls

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